Listen to Yuchi Greetings in Yuchi!

Click here to listen to Yuchi Greetings! See of you can follow the words in Yuchi and the translation below. (Note: it may be necessary to increase your volume level to hear this recording properly.)

Yuchi Greeting:
"Ah-Gah Sah Ley, Sahn Gah Ley Sonoli? Wahe En Shalapi? Woktela Ee say tee"

"Good Day, Are you feeling good? How is your happiness (are you really happy)? Woktela is my name."

Yuchi Greetings

FaSah   ---  Good Evening.
AhGahSahLey ---  Good Day.
SahnGahLey SoNoLee --- Are you feeling good?
WahHee'NShaLiPee ---  Are you really happy?
Woktela EeSayTee --  Woktela is my name.
HeyTohHey --- Later.
K'atiThyaYuNe  -- Your loving friend,
SahLeySoNo  -- I am well.
SahLeyShaLee -- I am happy.
K'alaYuSaLa -- We are all kindred.


SahLey -- good
SoNoLi --  Feel
WahHee ____? -- How do you
(a task)?
AhGah -- Day

XaLiPi --  Very happy
AGahSaLa -- Everyday
Ttee -- Name
K'ati -- Friend